Marion County Sheriffs Department Detective Rhonda Stroup
United States of America

Missing person since June 30 2010 diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. Please see Charley Project. I am Ada's sister and last living relative as my mother and father are both dead.

Dade County Court Miami Florida

This request is to declare my sister Ada Marie Odell officially as dead who has been missing since June 30 2010. In June 2010 she was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.

According to the Marion County Sheriff's department it wasn't possible that she is still alive even if she were found. Her boyfriend Raul Sosa has been listed as a person of interest.

Please officially accept this request so that I can give her name a proper burial and to finish any financial matters in her name that has been left unattended to since May 2010.

Possessions being the sale of my fathers house which is unfinished and 40,000 dollars that has been missing since her boyfriend Mr. Sosa moved back to Miami Florida with all her personal belongings. She had just received the money in May and she went missing at the end of June.

She also had an ex husband who also lived in the area where she was last seen and his name is Shannon Paul Odell he was imprisoned on possession of Heroin and DWI in the past.

If anyone see's this post and has any knowledge of where my sister is please contact the Sheriffs Department of myself. It would be greatly appreciated to just end this and if possible put Mr. Sosa in jail.

The money he took was part of my dad's estate and I was never notified of the sell of the house nor was my sister in her right state of mind.

He needs to immediately return the 40,000 dollars to the Sheriffs Department if he is not guilty of killing my sister.

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