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Child Labour Can Stop only if we take a step Forward.

Stakeholders Unite Against Child Labour
Multi Stakeholder Engagement for a Child Labour Free Bihar


• I pledge to uphold and respect child rights. I believe that every child has a right to good education, right to play, right to enjoy childhood and achieve her/his full potential.

• I pledge to never employ children in my home, organisation or workplace. I will employ adults, wherever and whenever needed. I understand employing a child is a punishable legal offence and a crime against humanity. I understand that it perpetuates poverty/ deprivation

• I pledge I will strongly dissuade my family, community and work associates from employing children in their homes and business establishments

• I pledge I will convince the parents/ families of child labour to send them to school rather than to work

• I pledge I will make proactive efforts to link poor families with opportunities and schemes, to enable them to educate their children

• I pledge I will boycott visiting people /places where children are employed

• I pledge I will not buy products which are known to have been made through illegal child labour practices.
• I pledge to raise my voice against child labour at different fora/ platforms including social media, and strengthen the movement for eradication of child labour

• I will contribute a certain percentage of my income and/ or time towards initiatives for eradicating child labour, and promote education and rehabilitation of these children

• I pledge to take forward the spirit of Tokenge Rokenge Badlenge, and to ACT NOW to stop child labour. I will report child labour on 1098.

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