#City & Town Planning
Mayor and Council

In a time of climate change, air pollution, soaring obesity and diabetes rates stemming from inactivity, and a peak in oil production which will lead to much higher prices for gasoline and even basic necessities such as heat and food, there is increasingly a call for well planned, walkable communities with infrastructure that allows people to safely walk and bike to work and shopping.

We would like to see the city of Orillia set the construction of a walkable, bikeable city, with well-serviced public transit, as a priority for future urban planning.

On September 10th, 2008, we will demonstrate the importance of active transportation issues by participating in Orillia's first Bicycle Rally, and Walk and Bike to Work and School day.

We respectfully request that the development of active transportation infrastructure - such as bicycle parking posts, bicycle lanes, and wide sidewalks - become a priority in Orillia.

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