#Human Rights
Ki-Moon, UN, OHCHR, European Parliament, Israeli Gov.

As is the case with so many others there are very serious, well-founded concerns that the charges brought against the below mentioned were politically motivated.

Israeli administrative detention orders are the subject of review and further appeal by a military court, neither lawyers nor detainees are permitted to see the “secret information” used as a basis for the detention orders.

This violates international human rights law, which permits some limited use of administrative detention in emergency situations, but requires that the authorities follow basic rules for detention, including a fair hearing at which the detainee can challenge the reasons for his or her detention.

1 These minimum rules of due process have been clearly violated in below mentioned cases, leaving them without any legitimate means to defend themselves.

1 International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, Art. 9.
2 Fourth Geneva Convention, Art. 78.

In addition to contradicting international human rights and humanitarian law the administration detention of the below mentioned also violates article 5 (the right to liberty and security) of the European Convention on Human Rights.

It is in this context that I call on you to act and in accordance with international human rights treaties to which Israel is a signatory state, as well as the Israeli Constitution itself, is therefore obligated to undertake the following:

* Immediately and unconditionally release

Hassan Al Safadi
Ahmad Saqir
Bilal Diab
Thaer Halahleh
Mohannad Abdullah
Omar Abu Shalal
Mohammad Abu Arab
Fairs Al Natoor
Ayman Tbeesh
Jafar Izz-Eddin
Mohammed Suleiman
Mahmoud Sarsak
Mohammad Taj
Rami Issam Suleiman
Ahmed Abu Khader

pending the conclusion of the review--and the dismissal of all charges if the convictions are found to be in violation of the above-mentioned international legal norms (the observance of which the Israel is treaty-bound to observe.)

* Immediately put an end to its practice of administrative detention and arbitrary arrests;

* Immediately and thorough legal investigation into charges that the above mentioned were tortured, as well as investigations into other questions of legal irregularities surrounding this case--all carried out in strict accordance with established international norms of justice.

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