#Human Rights
Canadian/Worldwide - People Against Mandates

Example: Since protesting has shown that our voices are being ignored with further loses to our freedoms coming, civil disobedience might be our last resort to avoid massive job losses, loss of medical, police and other country wide staffing. Loss of income for many, including those businesses that have to police those coming through their doors. Masking our children in schools which has shown a serious detriment to their health and educational advancement. We want to put the government on notice of our intent to take action as “enough is enough.”

*PETITION EXAMPLE of what THE POWER of the PEOPLE can do* Possible next step if the madness does not stop:
We, the undersigned call on the Canadian or (USA/Australia/Brazil/France, etc.), Provincial (or State) and/ or Municipal Government to cease any and all Covid-19 Mandates that is threatening job loss to those who refuse by reason of their free choice and their hesitancy for their own reasons to abstain from a experimental mRNA gene therapy drug against their better judgment and should not be threatened to take it “or else.” Also the mask mandates that our children (if applicable) have to bear which is shown to be detrimental to their health and educational advancement. Open businesses to all so businesses do not further lose to undue hardship with no scientific data that have sent many out of business or will. If not ceased by November 15, 2021 all tax payments to the three tier governments (which some of which is used against us) that we pay and have control over will cease. This includes, but not limited to: payroll tax, land and Municipal tax, income tax. Also if mandates are reinstated in the future the same will occur with no warning.

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