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Renault South Africa
South Africa

I have been experiencing TERRIBLE and slow service from Renault SA after having an accident. I will not stand for this nonsense! It is not as if cars are extremely cheap!! (and neither is parts)

I demand Renault to better their service AND their cars. Renault is only interested in making as much money as quickly as possible, without caring about their customers. I have sent them in the region of 20 + e-mails and they do not have the common decensy to respond to them PROPERLY and to the customer's satisfaction.

I will not let this slide. I demand answers for all of their customers.

I request all of you who owns Renaults (or know of someone who does) and have been treated unfairly to get into contact with me and to sign this Petition.

I am seriously thinking of starting a whole legal case with Renault, and I need your assistance to make sure that they stop treating their customers like dirt.

Please sign this petition and / or e-mail me at action.against.renault@gmail.com

I would love to hear your stories. Thank you for your time.

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