#Human Rights
Zimbabwe Acting President Joice Mujuru

Zimbabwe's water crisis has robbed millions of residents of human dignity, and put thousands of households' at risk of Typhoid and Diarrhea. The spectre of another deadly Cholera outbreak looms.

Against the backdrop of rolling power outages and mounting joblessness, the water woes continue to exacerbate poverty as productivity and development in affected communities is adversely impacted.

The human right to water and sanitation entitles everyone to safe, sufficient, accessible and affordable water, a right the government has an obligation to protect.

Over two million Harare residentse go for weeks without water to drink or bath,and almost eighty-percent of the water sporadically pumped to tax-paying citizens' taps is contaminated.

This deplorable water situation is mirrored accross almost all cities and towns accross Zimbabwe. See: www.hrw.org/reports/2013/11/19/troubled-water-0

This Petition,a citizen-centric initiative to improve service delivery and to hold public officials to account demands the government of Zimbabwe urgently declares the mounting water crisis a national disaster and without delay fund rehabilitation of the water and sewer reticulation infrastructure.

We the following petition signers demand government urgently declares the festering water crisis a national disaster and without delay fund a three dimensional water and sewer reticulation infrastructure rehabilitation and development that arrests the unfolding tragedy and ensures the basic human right to water and sanitation of the people of Zimbabwe is fully protected.

Thanks to the scarcity of safe drinking water,our homes are now the abode of our misery.

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