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Council, Township of Leeds and the Thousand Islands

The Federal Government is divesting the historic Rockport Customs facility which is centrally located on the village waterfront in the heart of the Thousand Islands. This facility was constructed in 1934 but customs processing has a much longer history that started in 1862 and has continued to the present day.

The site and dock have had a key role in the village since the 1880s when the Rockport Navigation Company used the dock for its steamships. Throughout the mid 20th century this site was the natural village meeting place for people to casually gather, visit with each other, and swim and fish off the dock.

The property has 60 feet of water frontage with a 20' X 24' building on it. It is the only piece of waterfront property in the centre of the village that is not owned by a commercial business. This property would be ideally suited as a small park where township residents can come to enjoy the river and where boaters can dock to visit the village.

The customs building itself has a pine interior that has honeyed over the years to offer a rich warmth to all who enter. It provides a small venue for village activities and the display of local cultural and heritage items. The building is in very good condition and potentially has many other uses.

The divestiture of this property is a once-only opportunity for the Township to increase its very limited access to the beautiful Thousand Islands for its residents and visitors.

We, the undersigned, feel that the Township of Leeds and the Thousand Islands should acquire the Rockport Customs property for public use by visitors and the citizens of the Township.

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