Valve promised the achievements of Half-Life 2 and the Episode 1 to PC a long time ago, before the graphical conversion of the game "Day of Defeat: Source" but we don't have them still. If we are a lot of people in this group, we will force Valve to finally make and release them.


Valve prometió los logros de Half-Life 2 y Episodio 1 hace tiempo, mucho antes de la conversión gráfica del "Day Of Defeat: Source" y sin embargo no los tenemos. Cuantos más seamos, más peso tendremos y más nos haremos oír.

We want that VALVe hear their clients and we claim the "Half Life 2" and "HL2: Episode One" achievements that are in the Xbox 360 version but not in PC's. Because the PC gamers are an important part of VALVe's gaming and we aren't be heard for a few years.

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