Facebook Poker Chips , Zynga Poker Chips, Myspace Poker Chips

Facebook poker chips have become a popular online currency in texas holdem games for social networks like facebook, myspace, bebo, tagged and more. Facebook poker chips are sometimes also known as zynga poker chips or myspace poker chips. While these chips have no real world or monetary value and are only for fun, they hold value within the game, as players use them to compete with each other for rank and notoriety.

Facebook poker chips are also used within texas holdem games to buy gifts for friends and family, as well as compete in a multitude of tournaments and sit and no games. Players can buy in to these games with their facebook poker chips and either win or lose more chips depending on their playing style and success in the game.

In addition to the different social networks you can play facebook texas holdem poker on, there are also different game developers, each releasing their own unique version of facebook poker. There's zynga texas holdem poker, playfish poker rivals, playdom poker palace, glamble poker, gambino poker, and even the world poker tour has released their own version of facebook poker chips.

Each facebook poker game is unique with regards to table increments and in game graphics. Some allow you to customize and modify just about every aspect of your profile, while others focus more on the actual playing style of the texas holdem poker game. Players in these games are viciously competitive for facebook poker chips, with some even trying to use facebook poker cheats or hacks to give themselves an unfair edge over other texas holdem poker players. This type of unfair play is not encouraged though and can lead to your account being banned.

Facebook poker chips, zynga poker chips and myspace poker chips should be joined together to form a universal facebook poker currency that players can use in texas holdem poker games across multiple social networks whether it be myspace, facebook, bebo, tagged or hi5. These "Facebook poker chips" can then be traded on a single exchange for chips in other games for players who wish to try out new applications by other developers.

For example, if you own facebook poker chips in zynga's poker game and wish to trade them in for chips in playfish poker or myspace poker, you should be able to do so with the click of a button at preset exchange rates.

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