#Public Safety
Waynesboro City Council
United States of America

Academy Ave, has become a literal drag strip where cars race down the Avenue well in excess of the posted speed limit, thereby, creating a dangerous and deadly situation for it's residents.

Numerous family pets have been killed while trying to cross the street. It is dangerous entering and exiting cars that are parked on the street as the speeders whiz by. The distance from 9th Street to 8th Street is 0.3 miles, or 528 yds, or 1,548 ft; a distance longer than any area freeway entrance ramp.

There are no STOP signs or barriers between 9th and 8th streets to prevent cars from reaching maximum speeds along the avenue. It is only a matter of time before a child or an elderly resident is seriously injured or killed by someone exceeding the posted speed limit.

The residents of Academy Ave are requesting speed bumps to be placed along the street to halt this reckless and dangerous behavior.

We, the undersigned, call on the City Of Waynesboro, to place speed bumps along Academy Avenue, as a matter of public safety for the residents, their pets, and property, as a response to excessive driving speeds between 9th and 8th streets.

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