#Animal Rights
Mayor of Chios, Greece

Hundreds of dogs here in Greece are abused and murdered, why, because Greek authorities ignore it. Dogs and cats all over this island are abused, poisoned or left to rot on a chain, like the picture of spot, this dog is left to die on a tight chain with no food and lives in her own feceas, in a junk yard, there are 4 other dogs on this junk yard in the same position, im still trying to rescue her, but i have a problem.

She has a owner and id be committing an illegal offence to take her and save her, and the authorities ignore her and hundreds of other animals in there inhuman existence so please help me.

Sign this petition to let the mayor of Chios know that his ignorance will no longer be are silence.

Please we ask you Mayor of Chios, to stop your ignorance regarding animal cruelty and start to prosecute the abusers, before myself and other animal rights activists boycott all beaches and tourist areas in Chios, Greece; to warn your tourists that you ignore our plea and you agree with what the animal abusers do.

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