#Human Rights
Laws For Having An Abortion
United States of America

I think that abortion should have a law where you must have good medical reason to abort a baby. It shouldn't be to where if the mother doesn't want the child because they can't take care of it or some stupid reason like that is out right wrong.

I am only doing this petition because I was involved in getting someone pregnant and this someone decided that she doesn't want to keep the child because for 1 its a broken family and for 2 she feels we cant take care of it. Their are a lot of other reasons why she is doing this but that is not the point.

I think no parent should have the right to abort unless it is do to a very good medical reason. I believe it would cut down on abortions and killing babies as most people put it.

We, the undersigned, call on the White House to write a bill so that anyone that wants an abortion must have a good medical reason to have one.

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