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Significant Sikh British Raj History


Self-determination Conference Jan 22-23, 1993 Hague, Netherlands.

Reference to page 25: 15. KHALISTAN-PROPER

"Under British control Gandhi and Nehru promised Sikhs that they would have full rights and freedom. They also stated that Sikhs would have the rights to rule Punjab without any interference from the government and that no laws would be passed without discussing them with Sikhs. But as soon as the British left India Sikhs were fired from their jobs and anti-Sikh Muslims & Hindhus were hired. Sikhs were declared as traitors of India.

The Partition of British India in 1947, which created the two independent states of Pakistan and India, was followed by one of the cruelest and bloodiest migrations and religious and ethnic cleansings in history and resulted in the forced transfer of an estimated 14 to 18 million people between the two countries.

The ensuing religious animosity and communal strife resulted in the deaths of some two million Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs and abduction, rape and killing of countless women and children. It was indeed one of the most inhuman manifestations of religious and communal intolerance with few parallels in history.

Self-determination stands for freedom and justice. Freedom is the most basic human right. When freedom is denied, every other right is denied. In the Punjab Khalistan the people are not free. Indian police and military forces occupy the territory and are guilty of serious human right violations, which include torture, rape and murder.

When the British left India in 1947, it was agreed that the Sikhs would gain autonomy in the Province of Punjab. However India did not honor its obligations. In 1987, after 40 years of suffering and oppression, the Sikh Nation declared its independence from India, forming the separate country of Khalistan.

However the independence is not recognized by India. Like many other governments the Government of India invokes the principle of territorial integrity to protect its borders. Used in this way the principle is thus contradictory to the principle of self-determination and should therefore be condemned. Khalistan seeks independence by peaceful, democratic and non-violent means.

It requests the UNPO among others to press India to allow Amnesty International within its borders to investigate the human rights violations in Punjab, Nagaland, Kashmir and all other places where people are suppressed.

General suggestions to the UNPO are to ask Latvia and Estonia to take up the causes of the UNPO-members in the UN and to press the international community (especially the World Bank, the IMF and the donor nations) to link aid to respect for human rights and for freedom. In this context, the UNPO should make a list of nations that abuse human rights and distribute it to potential donors".

End of background information.

We, the undersigned, call upon the United Nations [& NATO] to understand the following concepts and execute appropriate action by whatever means necessary to ensure that:

• the British Raj Sikhs & Hindhus [owners of IMF-EIN bond certificate incorporations of British Colonial India-Proper & Kenya under Admiralty & English Common Law; including 1st generation berthed stocks in the UK & GB since 1947] are recognised as a mutually exclusive living entity for self-determination.

• British military archives of 1947 are inclusive of original sovereignty data constituting land known as “The Punjab” to be lawfully categorised as Pentapotamic consisting of six rivers inclusive eastward from the Indus, which are the Jhelum, the Chin, the Ravi, the Bias and the Sutlej.

• the Punjab be recognised as currently divided unlawfully by alien religious terrorist activity only, against the highest orders of the British Government.

• the Punjab be internationally classified without “terra nullius” status (proven through controlled double-blind, NRI-mDNA forensic-biochemical assays).

• the Punjab of India-Proper, a 400 year British Protectorate is never an islamic sharia caliphate.

• in accordance with English Law (still practiced in South Asia) India-Proper is liberated from practices of Sati; female infanticide & circumcision; and forced-dowrous, (predominantly paedophilic) polygamy. With enforcement adhering to new British anti-CommonPurpose security protocols.

• worldwide data demonstrates the accelerated threats from hostile islamic terrorist extremists in this Partition since 911 for which we demand a re-classification to ‘Antagonistic Occupied Territory’ status immediately, by force 2012.

• the Partition of Punjab is abolished absolutely by duty of care as legal obligation by Great Britain.

• further stability be given to the Punjab through Iran’s peaceful rulers [of Buddhist & Zoroastrian faiths; friends of Khalsa Panth & Vedas Bloodlines]; through infrastructure development of new (baksheesh-barter free) business relations.

• there is self-determination (within reason) for the Punjab through controlled Sikh Independence with peaceful liberation achieved democratically without terrorism, under global military police operations.

• in accordance with the treaties of Amritsar & Lahore we seek rightful claim to peaceful passage of the original Punjabi people to our Holy Sikh & Hindhu Homeland, without hindrance, loss, injury or harm; supervised by Great Britain.

• all future 'lawful contracts for hire' of this grand-union finale reflect the unanimous support of the global 47 muslim world states to accept islamophilic immigration.

• these acts of sublime kindness are executed to bring supreme peace to this surly arena.

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