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These rules that we are now subject to impede our ability to learn in a student-friendly environment. How are students supposed to learn and feel relaxed in a building where we get yelled at for bringing a water bottle out of the lunch room? It instils a sense of hostility which, quite frankly, is hard to learn in.

Also, excused absences should not count towards the total of nine, at which point students will be sent to an alternative high school. Detentions for everything, doesn't solve anything. It simply agitates students into further disobeying, thus, the more severe the punishment, the more likeliness of a retaliatory response.

We agree with the fact that there is a problem with students bringing alcohol, so we suggest that on the first offense, students be sent to Riverside. This will undoubtedly drop the count of students violating this rule. Also, unexcused absences should be punished accordingly, however, unexcused absences should not count towards the cumulative total of nine (9), at which point students are sent to an alternative high school.

We, the Students of L'Anse Creuse High School - North, call upon the Board of Education to reduce or eliminate the rules governing the consumption of beverages, the severity of punishments regarding absences, and slight adjustments to the dress code.

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