Internal Revenue Service
United States of America

Hello Everyone:

I wish to start a grass roots movement to abolish the Internal Revenue Service.

While the I.R.S. at one time served a valuable purpose for this country, it no longer needs to exist.

In the past years we have had Presidents and People running for President that considered a national sales tax or VAT tax as a means to collect the taxes for our government to run on. Vat Tax or a national sales tax are the only true fair tax.

That way we wouldn't need a President to promise a tax cut. We would only pay taxes when we purchased something. If we had no money to purchase goods, we would pay no taxes. That way anyone who is rich will pay taxes every time they spend their money. There would be no volumes of tax codes and write offs for rich people to hide behind.

I suggest while our economy is in such bad shape that now is the time for a total overhaul. Why should you and I bail out the rich automakers and banks that has taken our hard earned money since the tax system was started. I urge everyone to sign this petition and start their own also.

We together can make a change. The IRS employees can be retrained for other jobs in the government.

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