Deport the Bloody Smokers

I vote to rid our planet of the dirty, stinking smokers who have little regard for others when they light up.

It only takes one smoker in a room to destroy 100 other people's fresh air. It only takes one smoker to kill not only themself but numerous others with passive smoking. It only takes one smoker to create a burden on the health care system, which takes money away from the people who need it (and haven't contributed to making themselves ill). I have no compassion for the rights of smokers, because no smokers have any sense of responsibility for any one else when they light up (let alone themselves).

Lets create a smoke-free world and deport smokers to a far away galaxy.

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The Abolish Smokers to Another Planet petition to Deport the Bloody Smokers was written by John Ebina and is in the category Health at GoPetition.