Department of Education

The approach of the present examination system means the beginning of stress, fear, tension, anxiety for many students.

Especially if they do not perform according to his or her parents' expectations which can cause alot of drama and may even lead to suicide or drug use in some cases. Exams are an unreliable method of testing the students as luck plays a major role in them and they rely on cramming, unnecessary expenditure and encourage alot of private tuition.

The pressure of performing well is so much that alot of students even cheat as much as they can. It is impossible to test every aspect of a subject within a short exam time so exams depend mostly if what the students are studying is all in the test which depends alot on luck but if they are unlucky most of what they studied are not in the tests.

A better method needs to replace the examination system. Examples of alternative methods can be encouraging self-learning and making students better at research skills.

Please have some sympathy or empathy for the students who struggle so much because of the examination system. Even some of you experienced the stress and emotional burden of the examination if you went to school so please have some understanding.

We, the people, call on the Department Of Education to abolish the examination system.

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