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Roor and Xoor, of the Darkspear US server (alliance), do not deserve to play World of Warcraft, EVEN less participate in the battlegrounds therein. This petition was made to stop Roor and Xoor from relentlessly abusing their abilities (crusader weapons, health buffs, etc.) in the Warsong Gulch area of World of Warcraft, or anywhere in the World of Warcraft for that matter.

All signers of this petition would like to have not only their ability to participate in Warsong Gulch revoked without warning, but their accounts deleted, or forced to recreate, without warning as well. In addition to refusing to play with Roor and Xoor in Warsong Gulch, signers will immediately leave any pvp or non-pvp designated area with them in it, and use World of Warcraft's integrated "Request Help" feature to alert GM's of Roor and Xoor's harassment of player in question.

I agree to leave Warsong Gulch when Roor or Xoor is present, as well as notify a GM of their presence and this petition (under the physical harassment category in help request). Also, I will leave any area that they are located in, and notify a GM of their presence, as the aforementioned description of petition states.

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The Abolish Roor and Xoor petition to Blizzard Entertainment was written by Garrett Miller and is in the category Gaming at GoPetition.

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