New york city public school students and parents
United States of America

The New York City Board of Education is obligating their students to wear a school uniform that if not worn, can lead to school suspension and or denial to entrance to school buildings.

BY doing so its taking our right of education and our right of individuality. Since the parents pay taxes to keep the school going, then the students shouldn't be obligated to wear something they don't want to wear.

Each student should have the ability to express themselves in what ever form they want to as long at they keep it save for themselves and others.

The city and the adults that say that wearing a uniform is going to help kids have a better education are not seeing the truth. If a student is not allowed to wear what ever they want to them they are not going to go to school because either the school don't let them in and/or they are afraid of getting suspended.

So how is a denial of entrance to a the school building or suspension helping students get better in themselves.

We as students of public schools and concerned individuals in the New York City schools area say NO MORE to the school uniforms because uniforms say no to our individuality and no to our eduction.

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