#Animal Welfare
Department of Environment and Conservation

Rats are some one of the most misunderstood pets in our society. Often portrayed as diseased, dirty pests, the pet rat is as far from it's wild counterpart as a domestic dog is to a wild dingo. Pet rats can be trained to do tricks, can be litter trained, are disease free and are in fact incredibly clean and clever animals.

Many shires and districts across Perth have the following by law (or similar) that restricts the sale or keeping of rats and instead lists them as pests along with mosquitos and cockroaches, regardless of their domesticity.

"(1) Subject to Sub-section (2) an owner or occupier of premises shall not, on or from those premises -
(a) keep or permit to be kept a rat; or
(b) sell or offer for sale or permit to be sold or offered for sale a rat."

Horrendously, scientific and research facilities are exempted from the ban but rescue centres, healthy rat breeders, and everyday domestic rat lovers are included!

Please sign this petition asking the Department of Environment and Conservation to allow all citizens to keep domestic rats, regardless of their location!

We, the undersigned, call on the Department of Conservation in Western Australia to rewrite shire and district by laws to allow domestic rats to be kept as pets across the state.

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