#Human Rights
Mental health organisations and religious groups
United Kingdom

I am a mental health patient. In truth I am just psychic. I do not give messages to people. I know demons can present themselves to you in any form. The thing that seems to wind psychiatrists up about me is that I am a women yet I am no good at keeping up appearances.

Their anti psychotic drugs have no theraputic value yet repeatedly they keep sectioning me saying I am a danger to my own health because I am refusing treatment. These drugs are highly dangerous. I am campaigning however for anybody who does not agree with there doctor. I like jehova's witness do not believe in blood transfusions or organ donations.

I would rather die quickly from blood loss than die a slow painful death from aids. I know they now screen for aids. However that isn't to say some other blood infection the heath professionals don't know about will not appear.

We the undersigned want to take responsibility for our own bodys and minds. We do not want our brain chemicals messed with by psychiatrists. We do not want to be forced into blood transfusions or operations against our will.

We want the right to opt out of having a post mortom after our death. We do not want our relatives to have the right to hand our dead corpes over to medical science after our death.

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