#Roads & Transport
Mayor Jeff Perlman, Delray Beach, Florida
United States of America

Construction traffic is using 133rd as an access point into a new development known as Bexley Park. This is causing residents who's home abut 133rd to be subjected to extreme amounts of noise and polution which is thereby causing property damage and stress to these residents.

We, the owners of properties which border 133rd Road, do hereby petition the City of Delray Beach to immediately take any and all action required to stop construction traffic from using 133rd Road as an access road into the new Bexley Park community. Such actions shall include , but not be limited to; coordinating with other governmental agencies; the posting of signs at the junction of 133rd and Barwick Road which clearly identify 133rd Road as PRIVATE ROAD and to provide police or code enforcement officers for enforcement.
Furthermore, we request that the city take steps to either pave, apply and compact a rock surface to 133rd , or to provide daily watering of the dirt road until such time as 133rd is paved.

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