#Students' Rights
UMD Administration
United States of America

The American Indian Student Union at the University of Maryland of College Park compels the institution to officially remove Christopher Columbus Day holiday from all university materials and mediums.

One cannot fully support indigenous students and communities at UMD when they are faced with an annual reminder of a "holiday" that represents the pain, genocide, and trauma of indigenous peoples. It is our hope that UMD joins the movement happening in Vermont, Denver, Phoenix, Seattle and other cities and states across the U.S.

Christopher Columbus did not "discover" the Americas--there were already 10 million indigenous peoples who were the guardians of the land. His voyage ignited grand theft, genocide, rape, torture, and terrorism that is still happening today.

The Dakota Access Pipeline showcases the continued injustices done to indigenous communities such as the desecration of burial sites and the seizing and poisoning of lands through brutal force by unleashing dogs onto people, commissioning low-lying helicopters, intimidation with weapons and tanks, and arresting Native Americans and allies without cause.

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