#Human Rights
Dufferin Child and Family services

I have heard many horror stories about CAS in Dufferin county and have most importantly experienced it first hand. I was fifteen, in foster care and locked in my foster parents basement for the majority of the day. I report the ongoing incedents to my workers and nothing was done. Of course when confronted with my allegations it was turned around that I was the problem in the home. The main reason I am writing today is to show certain people involved in Dufferin Child and Family Services that their actions are unacceptable.
My personal favorite horror story is that of a friend. She was told by her worker that it was acceptable for her young sons to sleep in the same bed as their father(in his 30's) and his under aged alledged "girlfriend".

Please help me show this organization that their actions are inappropriate and need further investigation.

Please sign this petiton. It states that you also have driectly or indirectly been affected by Child and Family Services and would like to help me reform the system and begin the essential changes that are desperately needed.

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