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A burkah is a way of life in Muslim countries; in Australia, ( a Christian country) it is not so. As a country we have had to restrict traditional activities such as the erection of Christmas trees and the singing of Christmas carols so as to not offend our foreign guests.

Why should we forego such minor, harmless traditions; when a burkah can be worn anywhere, at any time, despite the fact that it has no real bearing on our society other than to conceal identity. It is a security threat the likes of wearing a motorcycle helmet or ski mask, two items which are not tolerated in any bank, major office, or even a convenience store. It is not something that should be outlawed altogether, rather something that should be addressed the same as the aforementioned.

Therefore we are proposing that the burkah, or similar headdress be treated in the same manner as any other identity cloaking device.

We, the undersigned, are asking for the government of Australia to amend current laws, which allow a person or persons, to wear a burkah, where other similar identity concealing garments are prohibited.

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