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This is a petition to stop the evil bear farming in Asia. There are many charities trying to help out with this but nothing much is happening and what little is being done about it is being done too slow. In a basic outline of whats goin on here you go...In many medicines around the world a special chemical inside the gaul bladder of the Asiatic Black Bear is used. This has been used for many hundereds of years but these days there are alternatives, herbs. These are cheaper and more readily available. But evil 'farmers' if thats what you want to call them still keep bears for this chemical. The bears are kept in cages which are the equivalent of a grown man trying to fit in the cot he had as a baby. They are very rarely fed and watered and eventually go insane, rocking back and forth, smashing there heads off the cage bars, unable to move. They are left to go to the toilet where they lie in these cages and they can survive over 20 years in these cages, it is a living hell. A metal tube (19cm), unsterillised, covered in dirt with nails sticking through them, is drillied into the gaul bladder and left there sticking out causing immense pain and these wounds get extremly infected as the wound is left untreated. Recently, the Chinese government have been persuaded to let 500 of the 7,000 bears kept in farms go but at a cost as the 'farmers' are paid compensation for taking away their livelyhood.

Something needs to be done about this, and fast. Forget the cost, write to everyone you can, inform them of this and most importantly sign this petition and we will pass it on to the correct bodies to try and get something done before it is too late. We can only hope that God is with the bears and with us in our struggle against this terrible, terrible practice.

We, the undersigned, say, Stop the farming of bears in China now, it's unfair, disgusting and a terrible practice and it should be ended now!

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