#Civil Rights
Tony Abbott Prime Minister of Australia

The present System to elect a Government is unfair. We only have to look at the 2012 Queensland State election result,

LNP recieved 78 seats that shows they only needed 15.571.votes,per seat.
ALP recieved 7 seats that shows a seat value of 93.156votes per seat,
KAP recieved 2 seats that shows a seat value of 141.049 votes per seat.
IND recieved 2 seats that shows a seat value of 26.898per seat.
FFP recieved 33.269 votes for no seats.

GRN recieved 184.147 votes for no seats , if the LNP recieved a seat for every 15.571 first preference votes then the greens should have recieved 12 seats. this tells me the system is wanting. and has to be changed so all votes cast are not wasted,
How to vote card are tools for rigged elections, add to that the millions of dollars some political partys throw at their candidates to round up votes, the time has come to make changes if you wont then it is time for the people to use the system to change the system.
Tony you do not have a mandate because more than 50% first preference votes did not want your party.

Seat value= total votes divided by number of seats 89.

We the undersigned call on the Prime Minister Tony Abbott to make changes so our votes are not wasted.

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