Volker Bouffier, Hesse prime minister and Guido Westerwelle, German foreign minister

Germany has refuted the third asylum request from Abbas Tadrisy. His asylum in Germany is denied.

The Islamic republic brutally represses Iranians deciding to not be anylonger a believing and practising Muslim. If Abbas Tadrisy is forced to return to Iran, he will be accused of Mohareb and he will receive the death sentence.

Under these circumstances, any effort by Germany to forcibly return Abas Tadrisy clearly and egregiously violates of the principle of non-refoulement: “no refugee should be returned in any manner whatsoever to any country where he or she would be at risk of persecution.” Germany has signed the Convention and Protocol on the Status of Refugees, where this principle is enshrined.

Abbas Tadrisy warrant refugee status and protection under UN conventions. Germany must recognize the implications of its act in these two cases: violating the principle of non-refoulement will have dire consequences for refugees worldwide, especially for thousands of Iranian refugees surviving precariously in Turkey, Greece and Iraq.

The world does not want these countries to follow a poor example set by Germany.

GERMANY must reconsider its position and set appropriate precedent by halting any deportation proceedings against Abbas Tadrisy, establishing his refugee status, and implementing appropriate protections to preserve his life.

The ongoing crisis in Iran demands that special status be considered for Iranian asylum seekers.

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