The Governor General of Canada, all Federal MPs, all Provincial MPP's,

Whether it was his inaction against Bill C-51 or the fact he appointed his Cabinet based on gender instead of getting the best people for the jobs, Justin Trudeau has lost the confidence of large percentage of Canadians. Maybe it was his penchant for photo ops at every parade he could manage to attend or how he embarrassed us on the world stage playing dress up with the infamous India trip. It could be the 10 million dollar payout to a convicted terrorist or it could be the fact that ISIS fighters are being welcomed into Canada without consequence that disillusioned us. It could be our financial dealings with authoritarian foreign regimes that irks us as Canadians or perhaps the loss of our Sovereignty through the Global Compact on Migration is the pain we feel most keenly. No matter your reason, one thing is clear...Justin Trudeau has failed Canada and her People. On this we can all agree. Share this far and wide. Share with your MP's and even your MPP's... although Provincial politicians have no say in Federal matters, their signatures as citizens will carry great weight. Share with your local media...spread the word. THIS is how we create change. Votes of No Confidence are how we oust politicians. Usually it is other politicians trying to take down an opposing party but let's make history and do it with THE PEOPLE! With enough signatures and exposure, this cannot be ignored. Comments will be disabled to prevent hateful, vulgar, or violent rhetoric coming from internet trolls in an effort to discredit our cause or make us appear to be something we are not. We are unhappy Canadian Voters who are wanting a peaceful change in our Government, nothing more. This is for Canadian Citizens only, please, though we are thankful for the support of our International friends.

We, the undersigned, call upon the Governor General of Canada to dissolve Parliament and call a Federal Election. We, the undersigned, further demand that Justin Trudeau step down as Prime Minister AND as Leader of the Federal Liberal Party. We, the undersigned, have lost confidence in him as Canada's Prime Minister and we feel he no longer has the best interests of Canadians in his heart. Our personal reasons for coming to this conclusion are myriad but the bottom line is indisputable....We, the People, are casting votes of No Confidence against the Justin Trudeau Liberal Government and demand an immediate Federal Election to replace him.

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