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New Jersey State Legislators
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Recently in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey, a beautiful 2 year old Pitt Bull named Bella was starved and brutally beaten to death by her care takers. Bella was a very loving and loyal family dog. She had completed obedience school and was able to go for a walk without a leash and stay by your side.

This family had her for more then a year and recently wasn't able to take care of Bella and their own 2 dogs, so they looked for a temporary home for Bella. After 3 weeks they had no luck so they decided to take matters in their own hands. Instead of taking her to the nearest animal shelter, they had their father take her into the woods, 100 yards behind their home and brutally beat her to her death. He repeatedly stomped her neck and head in until she was no longer moving and then just left her to die in the snow.

According to New Jersey Statute 4:22-17(d) it states that abuse and or neglect of an animal resulting in serious bodily injury or death is only considered a disorderly persons offense and the maximum punishment is a jail term of no more then six months, upto 30 days of community service, and fines no more then $2,000. However the reality is that offenders like the one in this case frequently just receive a small fine, despite their cruel and ruthless conduct at the discretion of the court. This is nowhere near justice.

This petition seeks to obtain justice for Bella and dogs like her who are needlessly and cruelly beaten and then left to die, by requiring an amendment to the current statute requiring a minimum mandatory jail sentence be imposed upon a violation under the statue.

We, the undersigned, call on you the New Jersey State Legislature to require a manditory minimum jail sentence of no less then six months when found guilty of causing serious bodily injury or death to an animal in a cruel manner.

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