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In the past few decades an enormous amount of new information has been unearthed and translated from the world's best scholars that is telling a new and radically different story about Jesus Christ and his teachings. Moreover, there is presently a disinformation movement within some sects and cults in Christianity that is being used to confuse and intimidate Christians from doing independent research, and some members of the clergy who are ignoring, denying or marginalizing the importance of these new historical facts.

Christianity is in the midst of a radical change and this change needs to be addressed by the educators and ministries within each faith, as well as within the political body and society at large. Agree or disagree, believe or not, history is being re-written. My intention is to initiate a public dialogue on this subject, and expand our awareness of God's Word and Christ's teachings, with the understanding and faith that facts are good, learning is good, and knowing the truth is good, and knowing more about Judaism and Christianity is good for the whole.

Those who sign this petition are supporting the intention to learn as much as we can about this new information, including but not limited to: The Dead Sea Scrolls and lives of the Essene sect of Jews as recounted by historians, The Nag Hammadi Library (particularly the 1st and 2nd century Semitic Gospels), the updated history of how the Bible was compiled, the 1st to 4th century papyrus codex's recently discovered, The Peshitta or Aramaic Bible, updated information on 1st century Greco-Roman culture and the Mithran cults, the Kabbalah including the modern translation of the Zohar, The Apocryphal scriptures and those books otherwise considered The Lost Teachings. The entire corpus of non-canonical scriptures from the first to forth centuries.

Without studying these texts one cannot have an accurate understanding of Jesus Christ or his teachings, but one wouldn't know that or believe it unless they did the research for themselves. This is exactly what this petition is for: to create a movement to learn more about the history of our beliefs of God and revise them to a scientific awareness for the 21st century. There is more the world needs to know, and knowing more will help us all live together in peace.

My Petition to Reform Religion is available for download here http://www.selfawarenessproducts.com/ChristEnlightenedTheSecondReformationPetition/The%20Second%20ReformationPages.pdf

Supporting documentation and references for each point are included on my dissertation now in paperback as Christ Enlightened, The Lost Teachings of Jesus Unveiled and my first book 3rd Edition Looking for God, a Seeker's Guide to Religious and Spiritual Groups of the World. See also www.ChristEnlightened.com for more information.

Respectfully, Steven S. Sadleir

We, the undersigned, agree that we should learn more about what has been recently discovered about first and second century Judaism and Christianity by leading scholars, and to also engage a dialog about each of our beliefs about God, and openly question each other and our own beliefs with the intention of gaining greater perspective, understanding and compassion for all.

Whereas we do not necessarily agree with all the points in this petition, we agree each point is worth thinking about and debating. We feel learning more and questioning will enable us to mitigate religious extremism, cults, brain washing and wars, and develop greater clarity, happiness and peace in society.

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