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We have posted in your forums, contacted live chat, emailed your help desk and tried to call your help lines all with no prevail.

In the last 4 months, all of you at Zynga have made our once wonderful gaming experience a total nightmare of glitches, refreshes and losses of magic!

This is the reason we will not be playing... we will not be buying crowns and here is what we have to say as a mass group.

1.) We have asked over and over again to be able to remove dead staff from tending our buildings... you keep telling us there will be a hire/fire button soon to replace staff.

2.) We have asked that you increase the energy to meet the requirements of higher levels and bigger kingdom. You gave us 3…that did not help us at all...we had to build a totem that cost like a thousand energy only to get 3 a day.

3.) We have complained about our collection limit of 25 energy to be allowed in our inbox but only 15 of those go into our inventory so we lose 10. You haven't even bothered trying to fix this.

4.) We have asked that you fix the glitch with our neighbors not showing in our kingdoms for us to accept the help...4 months and you haven't even looked into it.

5.) We asked that your staff be more efficient with responses in the forums, live chat and help desk. Their idea of fixing something is giving away free items...these do not help!

6.) We asked that you stop demanding long-term quests with the ridiculous amount of current issues, and what do you do? You give us a royal building that requires 3 stained glass, 10 iron bars, and whatever else...the stained glass alone takes two days to make!

7.) We asked that you fix the wall post issues that we are having...you do not even allow us to collect enough to make more than one at a time in most cases only being able to click on 5 posts regardless if we have collected or not.

8.) We asked that you fix it to where our posts showed on the walls when we actually posted to friends.

9.) We asked that you fix our inbox so if we are gone offline for 2 hours we get back and actually receive the gifts friends send us rather than just the answering the request friends need.

10.) We asked that you stop giving us such a strict limit on how many of an item that we collect on wall posts...this isn't fair at all. Some of us are online all day and cannot get the materials we need to play.

11.) We ask that you fix the XP limit so that we can continue to increase our levels instead of maxing out at 50.

12.) We have asked you politely to fix the constant refresh, loss of magic errors but we have all still been getting them for the last 6 months.

13.) We ask that you fix the game where the players can all get into it as you have locked out some really big members!

14.) We ask that you fix the issue that is causing it to take 5 minutes or longer to load a neighbor’s kingdom...over 2 weeks now and we have heard nothing.

15.) We have asked that you fix the energy items that we can craft to make them worth crafting! Why does it take 15 energy to make grape juice consumable for only 3 energy? Why would anyone want to craft that? The same with spaghetti, gravy, coffee cakes, everything!

16.) we REALLY need the max coin limit raised the max is 5,000,000.

The reasons listed above are the reason we are going on strike against your games not just because you have taken the free links away from us. Yes they were very nice gifts that kept a lot of players active in the game and even got some of them to buy crowns but they are not the only reason for this strike. So do not think that this is just a bunch of people retaliating against one of your developers so called genius ideas! Yes, most all of these are from Castleville but most of us play more than just Castleville and we do not appreciate being ignored!

We are all going to mail you this letter in hopes that you get our point! This is horrible! You want our money to buy a product that has this many issues? Moreover, you wonder why your stock is going down. It’s not because of us not having quests... it’s not because of us not playing the game... IT'S BECAUSE OF ALL YOUR ISSUES!

We suggest you take a good look around you at all the developers, creators, designers, organizers, staff of any sorts related to this game, even the financial office...you all have screwed up on this game and really need to rethink a lot of things! FIX THEM.

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