United State Citizens.
United States of America

Our country is really hurting financially. In fact the government doesn't even have enough gold to back up the money that is printed everyday.

It is unbelievable how busy the unemployment lines are. The jobs are all leaving the country and our economy is sinking down into a pit hole.

I petition that until our country gets back on its feet there be a stimulus check every tax time for those of low to middle class income.

I further petition that those businesses that think it is smart to leave our beloved country just so they can save a buck or two hiring immigrants and paying them peanuts not be allowed to sell in our America. After all how can we buy there products if the jobs are going elsewhere?

We need to keep the employment rates high so that our country can flourish and maintain its wealth. So I implore you to sign my petition and lets speak out to America before we end up in another depression.

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