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1. Exposure to second hand smoke has been proven to increase the risk of cancer in those who are exposed.

2. There is no completely safe level of exposure to second hand smoke.

3. Many people are sensitive to smoke and develop coughing, teary eyes, runny nose and chest tightness.

4. Smokers develop preventable illness that costs all of us in higher insurance premiums due to the higher cost of their healthcare.

5. Smokers contribute to the rubbish on campus which diminishes the beauty of the campus and results in higher clean-up costs.

6. 75% of Australian National University students do not smoke at all.

7. Smoking materials are the biggest cause of residence hall fires on campuses across the nation.

8. Smoke-free campuses can actually help smokers decrease their level of smoking and improve their health.

9. Non-smokers are 40% less likely to become smokers if they live in smoke-free residence halls.

10. Other Universities such as Adelaide University are leading the way in creating healthy, smoke-free campus environments.

There is no law that provides for smoking as a right. Every student has a right to pursue an education at a public institution in a healthy and safe environment. Every employee has a right to work in a safe and healthy environment.

Health Department Warning: Smoking causes peripheral vascular disease
Health Department Warning: Smoking causes emphysema
Health Department Warning: Smoking causes mouth and throat cancer
Health Department Warning: Smoking clogs your arteries
Health Department Warning: Smoking - a leading cause of death
Health Department Warning: Quitting will improve your health

This petition is in support of a smoke free campus environment in which smoking will no longer be permitted on campus grounds at the Australian National University by the end of 2011.

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