Screen Actors Guild
United States of America


SAG Members will be voting shortly on a merger proposal with AFTRA.

That merger is the wrong merger.

You lose too many important things you already have with that merger.

There is a better solution.


We, Screen Actors Guild Members, are not being presented with all of the options available regarding a solution to our employment being split between SAG and AFTRA.

As Members of the union with statutory majority status, we are entitled to be represented EXCLUSIVELY for all units of employment represented by Screen Actors Guild.

We are entitled to ONE STRONG UNION representing us as SAG Members, and preserving what many believe are the vastly superior Pension and Health Plans of SAG, as well as SAG's democratic process in which we are entitled to vote on critical matters that affect our futures.

We also want to continue to receive RESIDUAL PAYMENTS for our work in television--something we don't receive under a large amount of AFTRA's television contracts--and we want the existing television contracts to be renegotiated under Screen Actors Guild contracts, so that Actors may receive the important residual payments they deserve on every job.

Do you want to earn less money for your work?

We don't.

We shouldn't have to give up these vitally important things (and more) with the wrong merger, and we most certainly need a SOLUTION.


The only way in which we are GUARANTEED to retain the superior union provisions of Screen Actors Guild, is to MERGE the lesser AFTRA unit of laborers into SAG via the National Labor Relations Board's Unit Clarification procedure, creating one single, powerful union representing SAG Actors.

Strength in numbers--of United Actors--
in Screen Actors Guild.

We, as SAG Members, require that Screen Actors Guild, immediately and without delay, file for a Unit Clarification Petition via the National Labor Relations Board to remove the continuance of two unions (SAG and AFTRA) contractually representing units of employees in Screen Actors Guild, and, as members of the Union with Majority Status, we want to vote on our preference of Union for all units of employment represented by Screen Actors Guild as part of the Unit Clarification process, if the NLRB deems it necessary.

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