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With this petition, we wish to show Uniden America that there is not only a huge amount of supporters and followers of their products here in Australia & New Zealand, but also just how much of a market they do have in these places, even though compared to the US we may seem only small, we however believe there is still a substantial market here for them and we would ask that they consider the release of their product range in this area of the world.

The last Australian version of their trunking scanner released in Australia was the 396T / 996T, however these have both been superseded by newer and better models, not to mention that these older models have now been pulled from most Australian retailers shelves which leaves a huge gap in the trunking scanner market here.

Uniden is a very well respected brand with radio scanner listeners the world over, not in the least down in the Oceania region, most scanner users here have owned at least one or two Uniden scanners at some time during their involvement in the hobby, some may own up to four or five, if this is not a captive audience, then no such thing exists.

We the undersigned are asking Uniden America to please consider releasing some Australian versions of your current Radio Scanners as well as future models.

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