#Civil Rights
Radio station Five AA Adelaide

David Penberthy has both publicly attacked and defamed another 5AA presenter Andrew Riemer , going onto ridicule and attack Andrews good name.

Andrew Riemer is a talk back host, who allowed an Australian member of parliament to be interviewed on a social topic, one it seems that angered David Penberthy, to a state he attacked Andrew on social media, in news articles and on twitter.

Statements include but may not be limited to, calling Andrew an Idiot, a cheerleader for Nazi's, a weirdo, stupid and then went onto say;
"Andrew is a Nazi apologist" and then "Mr Reimer was a “garden variety flat-earth fruitcake”

The final disgusting comment was that Andrew "sucked of Frazer anning"

This is unacceptable conduct for a media presenter, who obviously by his comments is out of control and ought to be sacked.

Free speech is an important right, and a protected one, even more so for members of parliament and media talk back presenters.

We the undersigned demand Radio station 5AA Adelaide sack presenter David Penberthy for the words and actions in his abusive and savage attack on fellow presenter Andrew Riemer.

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