Sen. Debbie Stabenow United states Senator
United States of America

Competition is being strangled by large corporations such as walmart and home depot, which destroy small business. They merge with other corporations and become monopolies, and are no longer held to anti-trust and monopoly laws. Along with wild speculation on wall street, and monopolizing of banks, and media, this has resulted in the worst economy since the great depression.

Small banks are failing at an alarming rate, as are small local businesses, because they cannot compete fairly against these giants.

I am asking for your signatures on this common sense plan to turn this economy around for the benefit of all americans.

#1 Reinstate & expand the Glass-Stiegal act.

#2 Enact a .025% tax on all stock trades.

#3 Raise the top tax rate to 65% over 3.2 million dollars.

#4 Repeal nafta,w.t.o. and cafta.

#5 Aggressively go after off shore tax havens.

#6 Nationalize the Federal reserve.

#7 Break up banks and corporations deemed "too big to fail".

#8 Make all college education free or very low cost.

#9 Elimimate the minimum wage-create a living wage.

#10 Reinstate tariffs.

#11 Institute medicare for everyone.

#12 Penalize companies who play cities against each other for tax breaks. If they leave one city for another and get a tax break, they pay the difference to the original city.

#13 Reinstate and enforce The Sherman Anti trust act.

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