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Credentials were awarded to ruralvotes.com based on the work of Al Giordano. Below are the words of the owner of Ruralvotes.com that verify the fact that Al Giordano was to use those credentials for the Denver Convention.

"It’s absolutely imperative that we send Al to the convention.

"Do you agree?

"But given that the prices of lodging and other related expenses are going to be a “Mile High” that week with tens of thousands of delegates, reporters and others converging on Denver, we need your support in advance to make it happen: reservations have to be made and paid for now.

"If enough readers of The Field donate or pledge a total of $5,000 by May 31, we’ll be able to assure that this historic convention will be reported live from Denver with all the accuracy, insight and investigation that has made Al Giordano the “must read” for political reporters and junkies throughout 2008.

Now that the blog entitled "The Field" has been censored from Ruralvotes.com and has moved to a new host, Al Giordano has no credentials.

We the undersigned readers and supporters of Al Giordano and the blog "The Field" request that Mr. Giordano be awarded credentials for the 2008 Democratic National Convention.

Our request is based on these facts:

1) Al Giordano was awarded credentials through his previous blog host, but the credentials have not been given to him since he was forced to move;

2) Mr. Giordano has thousands of readers and supporters who immediately followed him to his new site, thereby proving that Mr. Giordano was the "draw" to the old site, not the owner of that site;

3) Mr. Giordano will bring a progressive voice to the media coverage of the Democratic National Convention similar to that of his years of journalist experience and printed work; and

4) Mr. Giordano's expenses for the Denver Convention will be almost totally funded through independent small donors who are his readers and supporters.

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