American citizens and corporations
United States of America

All a person needs to do is read the newspaper or watch the news on T.V. to realize the damage being done to our nation by the invasion of illegal aliens into this country.

This has happened while our national governing administration has not only stood by and watched, but has seemed to encourage this invasion. It has been said that there are more than twenty million ( 20,000,000 ) such illegals in our country already.

Most people agree to the scope of the task of "deporting" this many people. Well, I would suggest we can easily solve this problem, in the same manner as it came about. We can seek-out, find, and deport them all one at a time; that is how they came in, that is how they can go out. There are laws which are in place to deal with those in business who employ an illegal alien.

It is long past time for someone to step forward and say enough. It is long past time for all such like minded people to stand up and say enough.

We, the undersigned, wish to petition the government of the United States, every corporation, their management, advertising agents, and their printers for a redress of grievances. Some of which we have included within this document, and others to be addressed as these preceedings move forward. These actions and policies should cease immediately before stronger legal actions are brought to bare.

As a results of the policies of our current government, this country has been literally invaded across it's southern border by peoples from any number of foreign countries. Because of this uncontrolled influx of aliens, there exists a strong possibility of our country now being occupied by those same persons which have openly expressed their desire to bring harm to our citizens.

This has been allowed to continue during a time in which the legal citizens of this country have been asked to support not only increased scrutiny of their personal activities, but also an ill conceived invasion by our armed forces into another sovereign nation.

It has been stated many times through out the history of this country, that this is a nation of laws and not one of men. We firmly believe it has come time for those laws to be enforced and those responsible for their violation should be brought to justice for their various offences.

As to the corporations which exist and/or operate within this country. We petition them as co-dependents in these preceedings. Not only for using these illegal invaders as a workforce, to the direct detriment of their fellow citizens and in many cases their own employees, but also for their undermining of many long held norms of communications and advertising.

It has become a constant source of irritation when making an attempt to contact someone by telephone, there is the omni-present distraction of choosing to hear their list of options in Spanish. There is also the wide spread usage of Spanish for printing on packaging of sales items in our stores. Why not Chinese or Hungarian?

This could also be considered a form of discrimination against these very people, and could prove to become
very costly if this point were pursued. They have been denied the opportunity to join into our society as has everyone else before them.

Never before has so much effort of appeasement been displayed toward a single group of aliens upon their entry into this country. Every other immigrant group has been aided by the resident members of their particular ethnicity.

When considering the number of persons and the amount of efforts involved, one could begin to develop various ideas of large scale planning or even a conspiratorial senario.

The overall purpose of this petition is to draw even greater attention to what we perceive as a growing threat to our country as a nation, our culture, and our continuing to exist as the afore mentioned nation of laws.

There was a process set down long ago for the changing of our laws when they were found to no longer be in
the best interests of the citizenry of our country. There never has been, nor should there be, exceptions to these
laws which would allow for them to be short cut , overridden, or ignored. This applies equally to everyone who lives under the protection of these United States of America.

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