Erewash Borough Council
United Kingdom

French company Saint Gobain have announced their intention to submit a planning application in 2010 to build between four and five thousand houses on the site of the now defunct iron works at Stanton-by-Dale in Derbyshire UK. In order to provide access to the development it is expected that they will also submit plans to build a road across the adjacent green belt, a small and fragile area of countryside much loved by people of the East Midlands and beyond.

If you share these views please sign below to indicate your support for our campaign to protect this irreplaceable local landscape and to obtain a more employment biased development both now and for future generations.

Green Squeeze, while in favour of responsible development of the Stanton site, are totally opposed to any erosion of the surrounding green belt west of the M1 and the volume of housing currently being considered, preferring instead a mixed use of the site for residential and employment purposes.

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