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NW6 needs a new primary school

Your local Labour Party is supporting local parents who want a new primary school in the areas

In recent months, the campaign for a free school in Belsize village highlighted the issue of pressure on primary school places in the north of the London Borough of Camden.

However, the latest information and projections from Camden council show that the real demand for primary school places is west of the Finchley Road - i.e. in Kilburn, West Hampstead and Fortune Green wards.

The sad truth is that as of this September, there were 10 pupils without primary school places in Camden schools - all of them west of the Finchley Road. This is where the real demand is, and estimates by the council is that, future housing developments in the area means that demand on primary school places in the north-west is likely to remain high.

In Kilburn, the Abbey regeneration will certainly add to the pressure of pupil numbers; whilst there are a number of developments either happening or mooted in West Hampstead and Fortune Green which will do the same. Whilst the expansion of Emmanuel on Mill Lane is welcome, it only adds another 0.5 form entry - i.e.15 kids. Will this be enough?

So, Kilburn councillors and Labour activists in West Hampstead and Fortune Green are supporting parents’ calls for this demand to be met, campaigning for a new primary school in NW6.

This is something which the council has thought about, but we need to demonstrate that there is strong local support for a new primary school for our area.

We know there are similar pressures the other side of the Kilburn High Road in Brent, and for some children in Brent the nearest local school is in Camden. However, increasing our capacity means increasing the number of NW6 primary places Camden.

Please show your support by signing our petition.

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The latest information from Camden council demonstrates that the only area in the whole borough where there are children who don’t have a place in a Camden school are the wards west of the Finchley Road.

We, the undersigned, do not believe this has received sufficient attention in local reporting of schools issues and call on the council to recognise the greatest need for a new primary school in the borough is in NW6.

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