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According to the Children's Defense Fund from the U.S. Census Bureau Table FINC-03, in 2001 one quarter of families with children under the age of six earned less than $25,000. A study conducted by Children's Defense Fund found that the cost for child care is between $4,000 - $10,000 and its still on the rise.

Looking at the numbers the cost of child care is half of what the family earns per year. The high cost of child care causes many families to rely on relatives or family child care homes, or low quality child care centers which do not provide the proper resources that a child needs.

Children who receive high quality child care have stronger and higher levels of verbal and cognitive skills.

These children are also less likely to engage in criminal acts in the future and are more likely to pursue a higher education. However children from above low-income families have an advantage above children from low-income families. The former will be able to receive a good education, pursue in sport or academic activities; whereas, the latter won't be able to receive a good education nor have the opportunity to pursue extracurricular activities.

Receiving high quality child care will have a long term benefit not only for children, but for parents and society. Children, in the future, will be less likely to engage in crimes and will be less likely to receive welfare. Parents will have more opportunities to find work and not have to struggle with finding a proper babysitter or a good facility that would be safe for their child. It is with a great hope that the government will be able to provide as much assistance as possible for families who are in need and that there will be no cutbacks in the expenditure for child care. The children are our future and it is only right for us to invest as much as we can into their future to ensure a better society for everyone.

We, the undersigned, call on the US government to create a policy for universal child care for the good of the country.

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