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As a woman who loves the Earth, please sign an open letter from women to world leaders. If we speak with love for the Earth and gift our voices to the Earth by signing, it will inspire world leaders and inspire other women to do the same.

Women have a history of speaking out; the Suffragettes, the Chipko, the Rural Women’s Movement — to name just a few. For the Suffragettes it was for their right to be treated as equals, for the Chipko it is to speak out on behalf of the trees, and now rural women throughout the world are speaking out on behalf of the land.

Thank you for taking just a few moments to sign the letter and send it on to women you know.

Dear world leaders,

The Earth is in need of our voice. As our world leaders, you can speak on her behalf. We are asking you to be bold, courageous and moral leaders at the Earth Summit in Rio this June.

Today the Earth faces the greatest injury and harm: each day 150 living species become extinct, 1,000 acres of peat bogs are excavated and 150,000 acres of tropical rainforest are destroyed. Each day, 2 million tons of toxic waste is dumped in to our rivers and seas, 22 million tons of oil are extracted and 100 million tons of greenhouse gases are released. Climate change threatens to perpetuate some of the greatest destruction and injustices ever faced by people and our planet.

This stems from a system that recognises only one kind of profit and ignores the much bigger loss. Earth has all the rules stacked against her, denied not just a voice but the laws that would protect her. Today we have a gross miscarriage of justice: pollution and destruction currently go unchecked without any remedy or recourse. Earth does not yet have the laws that put people and planet before profit. This year that can change and the power to do so lies with you.

In June 2012 at the Earth Summit in Rio you will decide the fate of our Earth. We believe that you can speak from a place of love. We as women are not afraid to speak out about loving the Earth and we ask you as our leaders to do so too.

A new body of law is emerging - Earth law: laws which put people and planet first. At the heart of these new laws sit the rights of the Earth; an international crime of Ecocide that makes it illegal to damage and destroy ecosystems; and restorative justice to heal harm that has taken place. We are asking you, with love for the Earth and for you as our leaders of the world, to make Earth law at the Earth Summit.

By speaking for the Earth you speak for us all. At the Earth Summit please pledge to protect in law the Earth's right to life and our planet will be a place where peace and life flourish.

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