Mr Barack Obama
United States of America

There are new approaches between Iran and USA after 30 years. Iranian government in the latest presidency election rigged the votes and Mr Ahmadinejad came out with fiction percentage of 62.

We all ask Mr Obama not to recognize Mr Ahmadinejad as Iranian president as it seems he got elected like a coup.

US supported Iranian regime in 50s to turn down by a coup. We strongly ask United States not to recognize Mr Ahmadinejad as Iranian President. That would mean that US supported another coup against the democracy in Iran.

Dear Mr President Obama,

Your election by American people was not only hope for Americans but also for many people in the world who wanted change in their own societies.

Mr President, Iranian first approach to democracy got down by the coup which your country heavily supported against elected Prime Minister Dr Mohammad Mosadegh in 50s. That caused a loop back for the country for about 30 years. Since that time, Americans in most Iranians’ eyes were not those people we had thought of. We consider them as people who just see their own benefits and do not care about anything else.

On June 12th 2009, Iranians overwhelming voted for change as Americans did on November 4th 2008.
But in an unacceptable and unrespectable event, Mr Ahmadinejad came out with 62% as president. We all know and believe that they have rigged the election and as Mr also Mr Mousavi and Mr Karoubi our reformist candidates referred to it as a huge Fraud. So the event which was supposed to burst the country in happiness, it turned out to a national funeral.

We, Iranian people are aware about your new policy about Iran as you have invited Iranian diplomats in all American embassies and foreign offices around the world for 4th of July. The policy that some refer to it as the hot Dog policy. We all embrace your new policy and we all see it as new window for both countries after three decades.

Mr President, we strongly and kindly ask you not to recognize Mr Ahmadinejad as Iranian president and please withdraw your invitation for Iranian diplomats. We all look for a new window; you were hope for all of us so please do not let another American support to another anti-democracy movement in Iran.

Our Kindest regards,


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