#International Affairs

1. To the good People of China

2. Pleasantly acknowledging the generosity and kindness of the Chinese people to

3. Kenya and Africa continent 

4. We as concerned Young Kenyan Patriots

5. Noting that the burden of the national debt Kenya owes China and the international community has burdened our economy unbearably

6. Admitting that regrettably, the proceeds of the debts have been mostly pillaged by a few individuals in the Kenyan Government and have not realised their intended benefit to the Kenyan people and have ended up burdening the people.

7. therefore plead as follows:

A) that your esteemed country may halt advancing further loans to Kenya until we have elected an accountable government next year August 2022

B) that the Chinese government may restructure and revise the terms of all loans owed by Kenya

C) that the government of the good people of china extends to the incoming fresh Kenya government of the people, an ample window period to pursue and recover the stolen proceeds of the Chinese loans from the corrupt individuals who shall be swept out of office next year

to our beloved friends in China we the undersigned humbly urge for immediate relaxation of the Kenyan debt obligation and consideration for a full waiver of the debt.

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