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Callie is 4 and has Smith Lemli Opitz syndrome, an incurable condition with fewer than 100 suffers in the UK. Callie can't walk, talk or communicate and is fed through a tube into her tummy.

Her parents have applied for a Council house as Callie needs a lift, hoists and a wet room. Although small for her age she is getting too heavy to lift up and down the stairs.

The Council have said there are few fully adapted Council houses and others on the waiting list have been waiting longer. The family are being evicted from their current privately rented house because they complained to the landlord about the number of repairs needed. Early in March the central heating and gas fire stopped working. The landlord said he wasn't going to repair either. There are 3 children living in this house, 8, 4, and 1.

Despite the Councils own staff accessing that Callie needs specialist equipment they have advised that they rent privately. This will obviously be a non adapted house but they can't bid on a Council owned non adapted house.

This is utter bonkers.

Leicester Mercury have today ( 11th April ) published an article ( page 17 ) where they now state that the family might be able to have a non adapted house if one can be found that is suitable. The family have never been informed of this and are prevented from bidding on non adapted properties. Last October there were 6 empty properties within their postcode which they were not entitled to bid on.

Update 14th November 2016.
The family have been offered a brand new "fully" adapted house with EMHA which their OT has said might not be able to accommodate the hoist that Callie needs.
So much for Councillor Connelly saying they were working with the family.
Their current landlord has given them notice to quit so they are in limbo.

Thank you for everyone that has so far signed. It really means a lot.

This petition is intended to make Sir Peter Soulsby reconsider the Council stance on not allowing Callie's family (and others) to bid on non adapted Council houses and then adapt them.

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