#Human Rights
All Freedom Loving People, especially Canadians

The popular conservative discussion board, FreeDominion.ca, is under attack by the so-called Canadian "Human Rights" Commission, for the alleged (and totally bogus) complaint of "hate speech".

Canadians are rising up against this encroachment on our basic human right to freedom of speech. Join the fight for your country!

All the details of this complaint can be read by visiting:

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A Free Dominion

We, the undersigned Canadians, declare our firm and unequivocal support for free speech.

We categorically reject any effort on the part of the government or any of its organs to limit free expression of opinion on any issue, except in the case where there is a clear communication to do physical harm to another person or group of persons [or in the case of slander or defamation (1)]

We affirm that controversial opinions are a constituent part of a healthy and vibrant democracy, and that to silence any opinion, however seemingly offensive to any member of the public, is harmful to a free and open society.

We believe that Canadians themselves, and not unelected quasi-judicial bodies, will decide which ideas are advanced and which ideas are rejected in forming the values and laws of our country. We believe that government should not intrude in this dialogue between Canadians and among Canadians.

We believe that free speech should not be fined or taxed because it does not meet the requirements of government bureaucracies. We believe that Canadians should not live under the yoke of intimidation and threats when they seek to speak their minds on the issues of vital importance to the future and security of our nation.

We believe that every Canadian is entitled to due process under the law if a complaint is lodged against him or her. We believe that truth is a defense against any and all allegations. We believe that without the acknowledgement of the truth, there can be no justice or peace in Canada.

In the matter of the complaint registered against Ms. Connie Wilkins and FreeDominion.ca regarding so-called “hate” speech:

We categorically and completely reject that the cited material in question is in any way “hateful”. Many of us who own websites have posted the material (in whole or in part) on our own websites.

We consider the complaint a frivolous and political tool of a bankrupt ideology which, if accepted, will have far reaching and destructive consequences for freedom of speech for all Canadians, irrespective of their political views.

We consider any fine or sanction whatsoever against Ms. Wilkins or any other relevant party in this complaint to be a defeat for Canadian civil liberties.

We respectfully request an immediate dismissal of this frivolous complaint.

July 18, 2007

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