Prime Minister, 10 Downing Street
United Kingdom

Without Carers, Social Services and the NHS would be overloaded to the point of collapse, but especially with the economic downturn, Carers themselves are overloaded to the point of collapse.

This petition is to raise awareness of the unfairness inherent in the benefit system that continues to keep Carers on a very low income and penalises any attempt at self improvement.

We the undersigned call upon the Government to increase Carers’ Allowance, for those who provide a minimum of 35 hours a week unpaid care, to a level that allows carers to live with dignity and freedom from financial hardship.

That Carers’ Allowance be paid to all carers regardless of age or overlapping benefits (for example, state pensioners and full-time students), thereby not forcing many carers to self-fund their caring role, leading to debt or low quality of life.

To recognise Carers as unique, being the only group within the benefits system to provide a service, often at considerable personal cost, to those who could not lead independent lives without them, thus saving many billions for the Government, the NHS and the taxpayer.

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